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Iryna Gris Music

What We Offer:

Piano lessons | Violin lessons | Clarinet lessons I Saxophone lessons I Voice lessons | Viola (alto) lessons | Theory classes

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‘If you believe, you can achieve.’

The best moments are when we all feel happy, sharing the fun and beauty of the music.

Join the Experience

Passing on a Passion

At Iryna Gris Music, we believe that the best thing to do is to make music with my students. The best moments are when we all feel happy, sharing the fun and beauty of the music. For me, nothing beats the excitement and wonder of new musical experiences, new compositions, and sound discoveries.

We are professional musicians offering high-quality music lessons. Our team showcases the results of our work and our students' achievements twice a year, in December and June concerts.

We also run an annual music festival during May and June that includes different performances and master classes.

What to Expect:


We offer music lessons like piano, theory, and voice for all levels and ages. These can be taught in private, semi-private, or parent-child format. My program also includes RCM examinations, voice coaching, as well as 2-friends-4-hands piano classes.


Practice is strongly encouraged. Students should practise regularly, and we ask parents to help create this healthy routine. Regular playing would give you or your child an opportunity to create great instrumental skills; to improve confidence and focus; and to develop musicality, rhythm, and perseverance.

Piano Lesson 1

We start from proper posture and hand position.

Your Teacher

Sonata Reminiscenza, Nicolai Medtner

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